Month: August 2006

IE7 RC1 standalone version

You can download this here, run an installer and have Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 running alongside, and without overwriting, IE6. very handy indeed, if you need to start testing in IE7 (which i’ve been trying very hard not to do!).

link preservative

I’ve cleared out a bit more of the remaining pages of the old site, just as a decluttering exercise. Nobody has complained so far of missing content (well in fact nobody has commented on anything at all so far, and there was me worried about having to deal with loads of comments.. hmm.. better check… Read more »

obsessing about a mobile web device again

once again, I have been obsessing about the idea of owning a mobile web device. I’m not sure what my business case is for owning one, other than the desire for something that can be carried around with me most of the time to use for email and full web browsing, smaller and lighter than… Read more »

CSS-P = CSS Positioning

Apparently CSS-P stands for “CSS positioning”. At least that’s what a quick googling google search querying tells me. I came across the term in a job advert I stumbled upon.

captcha plugin for plone

PloneCaptcha has been shoved onto my radar by Tom Lazar. read all about it over there because I haven’t got anything to add other than that if Tom gets on with it i’ll install it on dfr skate zine (currently “offline”)(except not really), and enable anaonymous comments, seeing as noone can be bothered to sign… Read more »

wifi breakfast (or at least coffee) nirvana in Clifton

I have hatched a plan to satisfy both my urge for expensive coffee variations and the idea of wifi breakfast nirvana on park street in clifton, Bristol. Or near park street, as it seems that there aren’t actually many places to get breakfast on park street at 8.30. My plan is to do this once… Read more »

JSON – JavaScript Object Notation

Another abbreviation(?)/buzzword that i’ve been hearing for months but I have only just understood what it is. From All in the Head (Drew Mclellan’s blog):- if you’re not familiar, JavaScript Object Notation is a method of describing data structures such as arrays and objects and their contents in plain text. On receiving a chunk of… Read more »

CompositePack drawer overlap plone 2.5

I’m experiencing a problem where the Kupu drawer used to select content when in design mode on a compositepack page gets overlapped by elements from the underlying page. I thought it was something I had done with a custom skin I was building, but when I switch back to plone default skin, the problem still… Read more »

Trying Flock – as a blogging tool

This is just a mandatory “i’m just trying out another desktop blogging tool” post. I’ve just downloaded flock, mainly to see if the built in blogging tool is a suitable solution for OSX. So far so good – not sure whether this thing supposts categories, although I haven’t actually got any categories yet so… edit:… Read more »