Month: January 2009

Adventures in cakephp

I’m part way to achieving one of my 2009 goals – i’ve got a commercial project live using cake php 1.2. The site is Kudos Business technologies – a company who specialising in LED lighting and other technologies aimed at lowering environmental impact and saving money. The site has actually been refactored from a static… Read more »

Viewlets related Plone 3 theming article and discussion

There’s an interesting Plone 3 skinning article over here, which describes how to use viewlets. More interesting to me is the discussion at the end. The general points made here are:- Viewlets are complex and can be a barrier to non-programmers, but are probably being used for the wrong things Plone 4 will have some… Read more »

Setting up a plone 3 dev environment on osx leopard

Firstly, to echo something mentioned in one of the articles referenced below – if you just want to install and try out plone on osx leopard – use the installer provided on If you want a little more control, or want to get a better understanding of how things work, below describes the steps… Read more »

How to use twitter for marketing and PR

Some insightful tips on this site about using twitter for PR and marketing:- (sorry, couldn’t resist posting that!) archived comments very funny !!! Karl 2009-06-10 12:59:52