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Adventures in cakephp

I’m part way to achieving one of my 2009 goals – i’ve got a commercial project live using cake php 1.2. The site is Kudos Business technologies – a company who specialising in LED lighting and other technologies aimed at lowering environmental impact and saving money.

kudos business technoliogies - led lighting and other low impact technologies

The site has actually been refactored from a static HTML site, most of the pages are still static, but make use cake’s routing, page templates, layouts and elements. The news section is dynamic, and was very simple to put together, but i’m only half way there – currently I haven’t got any proper admin forms – that will have to be phase two! The learning curve so far has been very small – i’m looking forward to taking it a bit further.

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I’ve been using Cake for a while so if you need help with anything feel free to give me a shout. Also check out Symfony. It’s like cake, but without the limitations of supporting php4.

Dan W 2009-01-28 22:17:32

Good work Rick – might want to remove the default cake favicon though

Andy Gale 2009-01-29 09:50:17

Hi Rick,

Great work on completing your first commercial site in CakePHP.

You mention you use mostly static page content and that the news section is dynamic… I assume your new page has a controller all of its own right now? And that the static pages are stored in the views/pages directory? If so then your routing is nicely done, usually I would expect to see the /pages in the url – the fact that you have managed to mix the pages and the controllers in your routing is great and something I have never considered doing.

Take a look at a commerical site we had a requirement to create … http://www.cheaperagain.co.uk/quote – you will notice that the URL has /quote in – quote is the name of a model/controller… and most pages on the website fall under 2 models, the quote model and the provider model. There are 3 pages that are under the prebuilt /pages directory… terms and conditions and help etc – if you click those you will see they pull up the pages/whatever in the URL.

I’m going to have to bare your post in mind for the next cakephp project we start on, and make sure I tidy the routing up fully.


James Mikkelson 2009-02-21 10:04:24