Month: January 2012

Macbook air 13 inch as primary machine

When I first saw the macbook air I was awe-struck by it’s design and portability, and like many people I was wondering if it would be up to the job of being an everyday work machine for web development. At the time I was primarily interested in the 11 inch version – I wrote off… Read more »

eatStatic is Dead, long live eatStatic

I was pleased to see people recently enthusing on twitter about text-file based blog and CMS tools – nesta CMS, Kirby and, as it validated my theory that there is a demand for tools like these – I was met with fairly bemused looks when i’ve explained the concept to people in the past!…. Read more »

More text file based CMS and Blog tools

If you were interested in my eatStatic text file-based blog engine, but thought it was a bit techie/immature to consider using yourself, you may be interested in Kirkby and

Mobile Claustrophobia

Just before xmas I installed the Path app out of curiosity, as I had noticed that a few of my friends were using it. It’s a lovely app, and I really like their policy of limiting connections to 150 to encourage it to be used as a communication tool for friends rather than a crazy… Read more »

The life of a software engineer

I can’t remember where I saw this (twitter probably) a few weeks ago, but I can’t help laughing about this whenever I start a new project – I think no matter how well reasoned my choices are at the outset of a project, this is how most of my personal projects work out! From:

The basics of git (or at least how i’ve been using it)

A while back I wrote about how I use subversion (SVN) version control as part of my workflow, when working alone and as part of a team. I’ve observed many of my friends and colleagues dropping SVN and moving onto GIT, and used it when working on swoop patagonia but personally carried on using SVN… Read more »