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Web developer tools of the trade

I’ve had to change machines a few times recently, and each time I wish I had a decent checklist of what I need to be able to do my job. I thought it might actually be an interesting blog post, detailing not just what I use, but why. Machine: macbook air I blogged about using… Read more »

So what is it that I do, exactly?

If you ask any of my family or friends what it is that I do for a living, you will most likely get, at worst, a blank look, or, at best, maybe “web designer?”, “computer programmer?”, or maybe just “something to do with computers?”. It doesn’t help that my linked in profile has me claiming… Read more »

mailplane – osx gui integration for gmail

I’ve been using gmail almost exclusively for about 4 years now – I find the convenience of webmail essential as I work at lots of different machines, and it doesn’t make sense to set up desktop email on all of them. One thing I do miss about not using a desktop mail client is the… Read more »

Please find attached (no really)

Idea for a killer firefox or email client plugin – a script that scans your outgoing emails for the words “please find attached” and flags up if there isn’t actually an attachment on the email when you hit the send button. Go on someone write one please and save me from the humiliation again! archived… Read more »

quick MS word rant

The computer I am writing this on is probably powerful enough to run a small space station, and is certainly capable enough of playing dvds and other media, but will it let me scroll smoothly through a word document that happens to have a few bitmaps in it? no. archived comments I get a similar… Read more »

A few tips for running a web forum

I recently stepped down from my voluntary role as one of the Administrators for a popular skateboarding web forum (for old gits), due to time commitments (i.e. I couldn’t commit any). I thought I would share a few tips I picked up from that and other forums i’ve implemented. The forum in question uses phpBB,… Read more »

servage moved me

I complained to servage that my site had got a bit slow and they offered to move me to their newest cluster. Apologies for any interruptions in service. It seems to be much faster now, plus I now have native (rather than CGI) support for php5, which is handy because I am trying out ActiveCollab…. Read more »

I got the power

and just like that my battery fixed itself! Ha. if only – I actually coughed up and bought one from ebay in the end as the Apple store one isn’t going to arrive until well after plone conf seattle (but when it does i’ll have a spare which will give me a full working days… Read more »

iPhoto ftp export – does it exist?

I’m surprised that I still can’t find an ftp export plugin for iPhoto. This would be really handy for maintaining websites but also using the ftp facility with photobox . In fact a photobox export plugin for iPhoto would be even better. If anyone knows of one or a tried and tested solution please leave… Read more »

freeSSHd – ssh and sFTP server for windows

Being as paranoid as ever I decided that normal ftp was too insecure for my windows server (particularly when developing using dreamweavers ftp-on-save on an open wifi network), so I am experimenting with freeSSHd, to provide me with an sFTP server. This appears to be right up my application, as it has a GUI for… Read more »