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i’m joining the circus

I once remember reading somewhere that leaving a steady job to set up your own business is the adult equivalent of running off to join the circus. But that’s what i’ve decided to do – as of June the 1st I will be my own boss, as after a lot of deliberation and heel dragging I have decided to bite the bullet and leave my contented job at Netsight to go into business with a friend of mine. I have always wanted to start my own business, but for various reasons I haven’t, and a business opportunity was put in front of me, that if I didn’t take then maybe it would never happen. At this point I wanted to link to the website of my new web application development company, but embarassingly I haven’t built it yet, so I’ll post about that when I have done it, and talk more about the new company, and the products and services we will be providing.

A few people have asked me if I will be continuing to work with Plone and the answer is basically this: The core business of my new company will be packaged web applications and these will not be built in plone, as the applications aren’t CMS-like, and plone wouldn’t be relevant. The applications will be built using some* scripting language/framework plus a RDMS. Zope 3 is a contender, but I don’t have the experience to hit the ground running with that, but i’ll certainly endeavour to get up to speed on it when time allows. However, the company will also be offering bespoke and ad-hoc development services and these will include Plone. For larger Plone projects and implementations I will refer enquiries to Netsight, as beyond the Plone skinning and customisation expertise that I have built up at Netsight over the last three years, the new company will not have the resources or expertise to support large plone projects. I will also still be contracting/freelancing for Netsight on Plone work – intially a couple of days a week, until they change the locks 😉

Anyway, new company website to follow, and more details about exactly what we will be doing.

* probably unpopular amongst plonistas – check out my previous commercial experience and fill in the blanks yourself!

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Good luck with your new venture Rick!

Andy Gale 2007-06-15 08:44:51

ah, that’ll be why they were advertising in the pest. Funnily I stumbled across your blog as the top result in googling Plone Confrence 2006. I’m looking for a good quality copy of the Eben Moglen speech.

sean 2007-07-11 22:12:25