Month: November 2012

Another flat-file driven blog/ cms engine on the block

I’ve just been looking at Statamic, which is a markdown-driven CMS and blog, self-hosted and written in PHP. It’s commercial rather than open-source, but at a reasonable price, like Perch. It looks reasonably mature and has support for add-ons and lots of cool stuff. I’ll probably buy a copy just to mess around with. If… Read more »

Sub-optimal web content workflow used by many agencies

I’ve worked at a fair few agencies in my time, and despite most agencies now using content management systems as standard, the content population and revision workflow is usually sub-optimal:- Designer inputs the content into a photoshop file PNG or PDF of the document is signed off by the client, or amends requested, which the… Read more »

Pushing a local git repo to a bare remote

Often I create a git repo locally, but then want to push it to a remotely hosted repo. On the server, create a folder and move into it, then:- git init –bare Then in your local git repo:- git remote add origin ssh://username@yourserver/path/to/repo.git git push –all origin (this assumes your remote repo is accessible via… Read more »

Analysis of my social media usage

Over the last couple of years i’ve tried to rationalise the way I use various social media sites, and I realised that how I use a service has evolved over time. Flickr I think flickr was the first social network (of sorts) that I signed up to, in 2005. It was the instagram of it’s… Read more »