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Back on the road

I’ve reinstated my travel/ mobile working/ camping blog, using the latest version of eatStatic blog software.

Macbook air 13 inch as primary machine

When I first saw the macbook air I was awe-struck by it’s design and portability, and like many people I was wondering if it would be up to the job of being an everyday work machine for web development. At the time I was primarily interested in the 11 inch version – I wrote off… Read more »

Introducing eatStatic blog engine

Recently I ported this blog from an ancient version of wordpress to my own simple blog engine, which uses my PHP5 micro-framework, “eatStatic”. I use the phrase “blog engine” rather than blog software, as it isn’t really packaged up yet as something I would describe as software – its more just a collection of classes… Read more »

Some recent updates on my mobile working blog

This blog is being neglected once again, but I have recently posted to my mobile working blog:- Combined messenger and pannier bag The importance of earphones for emergency use when cafe working Shedworking