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Mobile Claustrophobia

Just before xmas I installed the Path app out of curiosity, as I had noticed that a few of my friends were using it. It’s a lovely app, and I really like their policy of limiting connections to 150 to encourage it to be used as a communication tool for friends rather than a crazy… Read more »

Rick on the Road – New blog about mobile working

I’ve started a new blog covering my experiments with mobile working – from working in cafe’s and the garden to planned road trips. I’ll be covering reviews of equipment and gadgets, techniques, experiences and places visited. It’s also a trial for a new offline blogging/CMS engine i’ve been working on (i’ll write another post about… Read more »

3 mobile broadband on OSX

I finally succumbed to buying a 3 mobile broadband USB modem on pay as you go, seeing as they have come down to £50. Installation went fine, when I realised the software is on the dongle itself, not a (I assumed missing) CD in the box. Seems to work OK – only tried it in… Read more »

Mobile web and AJAX

I tried out a friends pocket pc (or is it windows mobile now?) smartphone recently – a cool little device with a slide out QWERTY keyboard (I think it was a variation of this htc device). It also had wifi support so I thought I would try to blog from it. However, he hadn’t got… Read more »

watch that page

i’ve just set up an account with in attempt to find an easier way to keep track of sites that have not yet joined the RSS revolution. There are plenty of sites still out there that do not provide an RSS feed for their news pages and blogs. As Robert Scoble pointed out a… Read more »

cheap powerbook battery

I threw this question out on the underscore mailing list today (typos corrected – at least you can do that with blog posts):- i’m gutted that my powerbook battery isn’t eligible for replacement due to the recent recall, as i’m only getting about an hour out of now, so looking for a cheap replacement. Looking… Read more »

obsessing about a mobile web device again

once again, I have been obsessing about the idea of owning a mobile web device. I’m not sure what my business case is for owning one, other than the desire for something that can be carried around with me most of the time to use for email and full web browsing, smaller and lighter than… Read more »

pinhole to the outside world

The BBC ran this article about how the majority of the users of the WAP version of the BBC news site are based in African countries. It reminded me of something I wrote about a few years ago about how there were (are?) more people using the internet via their mobiles in Japan than people… Read more »