Month: September 2011

Tell us about the browser wars grandpa!

After recently reading this blog post, I was reminiscing about the circuitous route that got me into web development. I’ve given a brief account of this before, but I thought it was worth recounting in detail, as it may be of interest to those looking to get into the field. I also just like to… Read more »

Swoop Patagonia re-skin 3

Last night Dan Fairs pushed the latest version of the django powered Swoop Patagonia site live. The site has several new content management features created by Dan with the help of Ben Mason allowing swoop staff to create and manage content in a more flexible manner and has been re-skinned (by yours truly) to use… Read more »

Test post from droptext

Just experimenting to see if it is possible to create a blog post on my new eatStatic based blog using droptext on my iphone. Under the current set-up, if I wanted to use the “drafts” folder, I’d then need to log into to move the file to the main folder, as there is no… Read more »

Object storage and retrieval in PHP part 2 – MongoDb

In part one, I talked about how to save and retrieve a PHP object instance using JSON files, and in this post I talk about the same operation using mongoDb, and some gotchas. I’ve only tried this in very limited circumstances, mainly to see how feasible it would be to make eatStatic seamlessly switch between… Read more »

Object storage and retrieval in PHP part 1 – JSON files

I mentioned in my post about eatStatic that I was using JSON files for storage of objects and arrays, but hoped to make it switchable to use mongdb. This is part one of a two-part post, demonstrating use of JSON files with json_encode() and json_decode(). Take the following simple class:- class case_study { var $id;… Read more »

Site building workflow challenges – keeping HTML in a database

I was reminded to today of one of my pet hates – coordinating a site build, or a site rebuild when the CMS you are using keeps content, often containing HTML markup from use of an editor such as tiny mce, in the database. Consider the following scenario:- You have a staging site where the… Read more »

Introducing eatStatic blog engine

Recently I ported this blog from an ancient version of wordpress to my own simple blog engine, which uses my PHP5 micro-framework, “eatStatic”. I use the phrase “blog engine” rather than blog software, as it isn’t really packaged up yet as something I would describe as software – its more just a collection of classes… Read more »

Watershed 2011 rebuild

Last night the new version of the watershed website was pushed live. I had the pleasure of being one of many people involved in this project, which involved combining several different sites representing different projects within the watershed brand. I did the “first cut” of the HTML/CSS, working from a PSD provided by the design… Read more »