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Combining and minifying assets on a PHP site with PHP minify

I’ve been getting carried away with my Camper Van blog over the last couple of weeks, overcompensating for my lack of actual design skills by adding loads of fancy effects such as Supersized full-screen background images, and Photoswipe for responsive photogallery/lightbox. Looking at the network tab in chrome developer tools I was reminded how many… Read more »

Watershed 2011 rebuild

Last night the new version of the watershed website was pushed live. I had the pleasure of being one of many people involved in this project, which involved combining several different sites representing different projects within the watershed brand. I did the “first cut” of the HTML/CSS, working from a PSD provided by the design… Read more »

Aardman Timmy Time

Yesterday the was was finally launched. I worked on this project along with the Aardman digital team building a bespoke php CMS and putting the site together to accommodate the mostly flash content with HTML alternative (where possible). XML was used to share the same data between flash and PHP, making it easier to… Read more » goes live

I was really chuffed to be asked to help the aardman online team out with the build of the new site. I took the supplied photoshop designs and created HTML/CSS templates that were then handed over to be integrated into the CMS. I’m currently doing a lot of freelance work for digital agencies and… Read more »

IE6 gotcha – transparent pngs as links – only the non-transparent bits clickable

IE6 doesn’t display transparent png images properley – by default the parts that are supposed to be transparent display as grey instead. Fortunately an excellent workaround exists in the form of PNGFix by Twin Helix. However this doesn’t completely solve the problem: if you are using transparent PNG’s as links – only the non-transparent parts… Read more »

useful CSS hack – replace an image with an.. er.. image

via hicksdesign:- img { width: 0; padding-left: 20px; background: url(mynewimage.gif) no-repeat; } I have a real-world example of where this would be useful in plone skinning – in some places inline images are still used for icons (here and there – they are generally being phased out). At the moment I usually set them to… Read more »

using BackgroundImageCache to solve background image flicker in IE

Fantastic – at last a solution to IE background image flicker that doesn’t involve applying background images to containing elements. I will be using this – I’ll be interested to know if I can use the IE CSS filter version without a performance hit, as that could just sit in my IE-only stylesheet. archived comments… Read more »

plone livesearch results overlapped by content and action menus

On a custom plone 2.5 skin we found that the livesearch results were getting overlapped by certain elements of the content including action menus and elements within a composite page, in IE6. After much trial and error this turned out to be because I had used absolute positioning on the search form, which obviously confused… Read more »

IE7 plays peekaboo to a new level

The first site i’ve had to fix for Internet Explorer 7 is our very own (Netsight Metropolitan Colocation Centre – the website for our Bristol datacentre). It appeared that in IE7 RC1, none of the content of anything other than the homepage was visible. We were only alerted to this by a potential customer… Read more »

CSS-P = CSS Positioning

Apparently CSS-P stands for “CSS positioning”. At least that’s what a quick googling google search querying tells me. I came across the term in a job advert I stumbled upon.