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Raspberry Pi project – the Camputer (Part 1)

I’m building an in-vehicle computer for my camper van. I wasn’t sure whether to blog about this here or on my Camper van blog, but as the project will initially be about software, i’ll start here, then move over to the campervan blog when I get to the point of installing it. Why does a… Read more »

Brain dump February 2013

I spent a lot of my spare time working on my camper van blog this month, which has now been relaunched as As well as covering my own experiences with mobile working and my VW T25 camper, it is now also a general blog about camper van things (hence the new name!). I’m also… Read more »

hot off the press

been meaning to scan some of these pictures of my Spanish adventure for 7 years now…. here’s where I set up camp in el morreon, near Orgiva, Andalucia for a month or three. update 29/1/2013: I’ve added some more photos and a blog post about my spanish adventure in 1997 on my new travel blog.