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Olivewood developments – Chil-LED Cold Storage Area Light

I co-founded Olivewood Technology back in May 2007, when I decided to make the jump to freelancing. I had been developing an EDI web app for a small distribution company, and my co-founder and I decided that we should from a company to market and develop this app. Seven years on, the app, known as… Read more »

So what is it that I do, exactly?

If you ask any of my family or friends what it is that I do for a living, you will most likely get, at worst, a blank look, or, at best, maybe “web designer?”, “computer programmer?”, or maybe just “something to do with computers?”. It doesn’t help that my linked in profile has me claiming… Read more »

Wallace and Gromit get google doodled

Last week I helped aardman digital set up the Wallace and Gromit site to cope with a huge traffic spike resulting from the 20th anniversary site relaunch and “google doodle” logo displayed on the google site across 12 countries. Working with the in-house team, I wrote a script to scrape the live site and create… Read more »

New site launched

This week we launched the new – an “online showcase of creative work, commissions, talks, artist journals, festival diaries, research and archive projects” by the Watershed in Bristol. The site is Drupal 6 based, was designed by Tijuana Design, and built by myself and Oliver Humpage from the Watershed. goes live

I was really chuffed to be asked to help the aardman online team out with the build of the new site. I took the supplied photoshop designs and created HTML/CSS templates that were then handed over to be integrated into the CMS. I’m currently doing a lot of freelance work for digital agencies and… Read more »

Holistic Community website rebuild/ reskin

One of the projects I have worked on recently is the Holistic Community website – a directory site for Therapists, Training Courses and Treatment rooms. This was an interesting project, as I was originally approached to make a few amends, but the previous developer refused to hand over the php code running the site, therefore… Read more »

Adventures in cakephp

I’m part way to achieving one of my 2009 goals – i’ve got a commercial project live using cake php 1.2. The site is Kudos Business technologies – a company who specialising in LED lighting and other technologies aimed at lowering environmental impact and saving money. The site has actually been refactored from a static… Read more »

zend framework and isapi rewrite on IIS (and why)

Recently I decided to standardise on php/zend framework for future ground-up development (where I have a choice/ influence). As some of you may have gathered, i’m a bit of a “jack of all trades” when it comes to web dev and I have a legacy of projects using different technologies. One of these is a… Read more »

New drupal based site – Green Infrastructure in the west of England

Olivewood have recently launched a new drupal based site Green Infrastructure in the west of England. This has actually been quietly live for a while now, but wanted to monitor how it coped with the fairly heavy load exerted by the AJAX based mapping tool, which bought our dev server to it’s knees during original… Read more »

Olivewood Studio

I’ve just started renting some studio space in the infamous Tobacco factory in Bristol. This will be where most of the day to day running of Olivewood will take place, though I will still be working from the Ubley office from time to time. I actually worked in a studio in the tobacco factory at… Read more »